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Hello! Nice that you have found to my homepage! I think that you are probably interested in philately, since this is in the domain. Then you are right here.

As you will quickly notice (almost) everything revolves around the USA. A large part around the sea posts (until 1941) and around the Canal Zone. An exception is the HAPAG. If you disregard the "Deutsch Amerikanische Seepost/US German Seapost", in which it was involved.

But it all started with HAPAG - I'm a citizen of Hamburg - and that was followed by the "US German Seapost". After some time I extended that to all US Seaposts. And a greater interest in the Canal Zone developed.

If you click through here, you will, I hope, discover one or the other interesting thing.
I hope you will enjoy it!
Philadelphia – New York – Liverpool – Aachen – Stuttgart – Rottenburg – Hirrlingen – July 13, 1853

From Philadelphia, Pa. postmarked July 13, 1853 (PAID) and "PAID 30" is called, paid 30 cents, the full postage for a half ounce (2 Prussian Loth). - Via New York, same date, "7" (cents to Prussia), also "PAID" and Br.(British) Packet. So via "Prussian Closed Mail", means in a closed bag from New York to Aachen (railroad mail) and was reopened there. Therefore no postmarks from Great Britain. On the same day with the steamer "Africa" of the Cunard Line to Liverpool. Arrival 24. July across the Channel to Belgium and with the railroad mail "Vervier - Aachen" to Germany. Postmark "AACHEN 27/7 FRANCO". So also fully paid. Back: Railway postmark of Württemberg dated 28 July (train 13), Stuttgart 29 July 1853 - Rottenburg 29 July 1853. The addressed town "Hirrlingen" had no own post office, therefore "Oberamt Rottenburg" via which delivery was made.

To Winter in the southern German states: 6 kr. German postage - 39 kr. foreign postage - total 45 kr. (Table for the "Prussian Closed Mail").

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