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Hello! Nice that you have found to my homepage! I think that you are probably interested in philately, since this is in the domain. Then you are right here.

As you will quickly notice (almost) everything revolves around the USA. A large part around the sea posts (until 1941) and around the Canal Zone. An exception is the HAPAG. If you disregard the "Deutsch Amerikanische Seepost/US German Seapost", in which it was involved.

But it all started with HAPAG - I'm a citizen of Hamburg - and that was followed by the "US German Seapost". After some time I extended that to all US Seaposts. And a greater interest in the Canal Zone developed.

If you click through here, you will, I hope, discover one or the other interesting thing.
I hope you will enjoy it!
An "Ozean-Brief" postmarked July 02, 1914 at Hoboken, N. J., from the Hamburg/Bremen - New York route. Ships had the first radio equipment at the time. However, these did not reach land on the voyage across the Atlantic. Letters were radioed home to an oncoming ship, written down there, put into a special envelope and put ashore at the destination port. In the case of this letter, that was Hoboken, N.J., where the piers of the transatlantic ships were located.
This letter was put ashore either by the HAPAG ship "Kaiserin Auguste Victoria", or by the NDL ship "Kronprinzessin Cecilie", both of which reached New York that day. This message was probably sent by the ship of the NDL "Kaiser Wilhelm der Gro├če". This was the only ship that came from HAPAG and NDL to meet the two ships.
The reverse has a postmark of the HUDSON TERMINAL in NEW YORK dated 02 July 1914, and a railroad postmark of the PITTSBURGH & ST. LOUIS dated 03 July 1914, train no. 31, struck.

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